A Day in the Life of the Why Workshop Studio

We are a small studio and never have more than 5 clients on retainer at a time. Of course we have more projects going on but those include 1 time designs or production work.

Everyday starts with a cup of tea or coffee depending on who you're talking to. Our CEO doesn't even sit at her desk without meditating first.

The day starts around 9 with everyone working on their individual projects. 

We don't really have "meetings" and loath the dreaded "brainstorming" sessions. Instead if someone wants to talk about something we sit around the lunch table and talk. If we have a new client that we are pitching we talk briefly about the project and the client questionnaire and let the creative process happen organically. This is a different process for everyone but we have realized that the best ideas come after a long walk or during a yoga session and not in the conference room. (Which we do not have)

We have each taken the Meyers Briggs personality tests and Dosha quizzes. These help us better understand the way everyone works as well as understand our own individual processes to get the most out of our work and personal time. If you have not taken these quizzes you will be amazed at how much more balanced and productive you will be once implementing the lifestyle changes. This allows us to understand that one person works better by answering emails and taking meetings in the morning while another person does their best creative work before lunch. It makes for a less stressful social working environment where no one is either consciously or unconsciously keeping tabs on anyone else.

If we are pitching or meeting with clients we do so in the afternoon around 3:00 pm.

Usually there is staff that leaves to pick up kids around 2 or 3 at which time they will finish work at home in the evening. 

We judge the level of commitment and productivity by one thing. The deadline. If the deadlines are met then we don't care how they are met. We truly believe that there IS such a thing as a work-life balance and the happiest people are the ones that feel that their time is respected by their employers.  That includes time at work, time with family and time to just be.

Let us know how your day is spent. Do you feel productive. Have you taken the Meyers Briggs or Dosha quizzes?