Why NOT to Bot

We are constantly being approached by companies wanting to help us get more followers. 

We get it, Instagram is becoming one of the top new sales platforms for e-commerce and the temptation to buy followers for yourself or your client is strong. But real content and real followers, get real results. 

So why NOT BOT? Experiments have shown that when using a bot over your regular method of engagement a number of factors come into play.

  • The bot can’t discern who might follow you back. If it went into, for example, Forever 21’s followers, it can’t tell which followers are bots, brand ambassadors, inactive accounts, etc. that won’t follow you back.
  • People can tell if you used a bot, and will be put off by it. A simple search of your Instagram will show a high followers to following ratio, or the bot could’ve liked three pictures in rapid succession, tipping off an Instagram user that we weren’t really engaging with them.
  • The targeting isn’t always quite right. Perhaps followers of H&M’s Instagram just didn’t want to follow you or buy your clothes.
  • It unfollows too quickly. If someone doesn’t check their Instagram every day, they would have missed the bot following and unfollowing them.
  • No genuine engagement results in little to no follow through on your call to action.

Here’s the takeaway: When you’re starting a new social media account for your business, build social proof by having engaged customers and authentically connecting with people who follow you.

For our agency it comes down integrity and reputation. In this post-modern world we live in, morality is perhaps more difficult to define since everyone has a different view of what morality is. However, it is fair to say that people see buying followers as a rather immoral thing to do. People view it as you trying to appear more popular than you are.