Monday Giveaway - Brand Guidelines Template

Whether you have a longstanding brand image or have just rebranded your business, having brand guidelines will ensure that your logo and messaging are consistent across all mediums. There are many ways to do brand guidelines, but some work better than others, depending on how you will use them.

We are giving you the template we use on all of our brand guidelines. It is an editable InDesign file for CS6 and up. Customize it how you see fit because having a strong, recognizable brand that produces quality materials from a website to social media and business cards will contribute towards building a powerful brand identity that does not become diluted. These are some of the most important aspects of brand guidelines to keep in mind:


Having brand guidelines ensures consistency on every level. From your logo to brand colors to messaging, your brand guidelines serve as a reference for everyone in your company to consult before developing collateral or speaking on behalf of the business. Your brand guidelines will work to maintain the integrity of your brand for increased recognition.


When your brand’s image is consistent across all levels, it elevates your brand recognition within the industry and amongst customers. Building a recognizable brand takes time and dedication to your image and messaging. By being consistent, customers will be instilled with a sense of trust and brand identity that grows into a relationship and brand loyalty, as well as word-of-mouth.


The image of your brand takes time to build and only moments to shatter if you are not careful with how you choose to represent your business. Use brand guidelines to monitor the representation of your business, brand, and logo in order to maintain the quality and integrity of your image.


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