We help turn your idea into a brand.

Why Workshop is a full service agency dedicated to helping build your brand, bring products to market and connect to your audience.
We offer "Best of Breed" designers, content creators and social media experts to create content that shows you stand for something bigger than the products you sell or the services you provide.

We know there is a difference between the skills and culture required to create great creative and
the skills required to develop great products and services. 



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In order to build a great brand, you have to understand it. Our experience in this field means we understand its history; both medically and recreationally, its values, and what it means to people. 

Logo Design
Web design
Visual Merchandising
POS Marketing
Social Media Content



A brand is not your logo or ID system but the feeling it gives people. A brand is promise of quality wrapped in experiences. Experience with the company, product or service. We have long client relationship strategies that are innovative and lead to attainable growth plans. 



Connect with your target market up close and personal and get an up-to-date image of how your brand is being perceived.

Social Media strategy
Content Creation
Custom Image Creation
Blog Writing